Baby Finn & Family

I had the absolute pleasure of photographing Melissa, who is dear friend of mine. and her baby Finn. Melissa has an incredible breastfeeding story that make these photos truly special. 

"Breastfeeding has been one of my greatest joys in life thus far. Finn and I fought hard for this nursing relationship! He couldn't latch due to a tongue tie, I ended up back in the hospital for almost another week and my milk took forever to come in (thank you post partum preeclampsia). We pushed through though, got his tie revision once I got discharged for the 3rd time, and hired a lactation consultant. It wasn't easy in the beginning, and took about 6 weeks for it to get a little easier. But I'm so thankful for how it all turned out! This boy loves his Momma's milkies, and this Momma loves giving it to him!"

"I can't paint, draw, write music, or dance, but it turns out I'm a pretty damn good artist - just look at what I created! With Daddy's help, of course." - Melissa

We even convinced daddy Alex to join in on the fun!

And some final, adorable shots with the original monkey, miss Mia.

Thank you, Melissa, for inviting us into this incredible chapter of your family's life!